The Chariot

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Thoth tarot card The Chariot

2017 Love Horoscope

Virgo, a change and movement awaits you in love in 2017. The knight on this card sits in a meditative position with crossed legs and the hefty chariot is still preparing to set out on the journey. It's like inhale and exhale – alternation of movement and stillness.

Four pillars look like supporting the whole heavens. Four of the Sphinx (angels, cherubims) represent the four basic elements – fire, water, earth and air. As is evident, this carriage is huge and drives perhaps the entire universe. Therefore the love of Virgo will be powerful and will affect many things. The figure on the carriage is completely covered with armour, so you do not see it's face. We only know that he or she rules the world (the chariot looks more like a throne) and that he or she is holding the wheel of fortune or even the Holy Grail in hands. This way the horoscope may suggest that Virgo can get immense wealth thanks to love in 2017.

The armour with ten stars embodies the ten correct decisions that shine like jewels. They were not executed hastily, but on the contrary, they were deliberately cut into the shape of brilliant diamonds. So, you can look forward to choose the right solutions in major issues during the year.

Expect your inner growth. However, it must be real and genuine. The horoscope warns that you should avoid the cheap escape from the reality (such as the dangerous adventures or drugs). Only genuine relationships and feelings can move you further in life. Remember that the change has immense magical power: “Abracadabra” is the magic formula which is very subtly written with a continuous line on the canopy above the knight.

See, the road ahead is paved with golden bricks. It is therefore the royal road of love and development. Virgo, if you can master (yoke) the elements inside and around you and if you can cut your decisions in the marvellous gems, you can expect a wonderful relationship.

Thoth tarot card The Chariot The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Birthstones are arranged in a circular diagram that indicates how close and friendly relations can you expect between all zodiac signs in 2017. The closer two stones are together, the more likely is that relations between these two signs will be intense and passionate. Love or friendship of those signs that are further apart, will take more individual and independent form. In the centre of the diagram is a silver coin of freedom around which all the signs revolve like planets around the sun. Freedom is in fact the necessary “central” part of any loving relationship. Try to translate individual stones as your family, friends and loved ones. The constellation of the signs will tell you where love and friendship has close to each other.

The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign. The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Virgo, according to the birthstones horoscope Cancer, Gemini and with some distance also Taurus are closest to you in 2017. Cancer can advise you how to make your home a perfectly working machine. Gemini will bring you the desired inspiration and ideas, how people can enjoy comfort and convenience. And Taurus will teach you how to hit the goal with the unwavering accuracy. On the opposite side of Virgo is Aquarius and Capricorn. Aquarius may prove to be grudging when trying to throw the sand into the gears of your love and happiness. Capricorn can often let loose emotions, which may unpleasantly surprise or even embarrass Virgo.