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Thoth tarot card Death

2017 Love Horoscope

The transformation and the search for new horizons will be typical for the love of Scorpio in 2017. The horoscope says, however, that the Death is surely not a bad sign that should frighten you. A skeleton with a scythe only indicates that Scorpio will face a period of changes, mostly in relations. Something old is leaving and something new is coming. With a slight exaggeration you can expect that a certain period of “rebirth” will come. A real crisis of your relationship may be ahead, but it will eventually make you stronger and resistant, or simply a brand new love will appear on the horizon.

Scorpio, do you see the strings that intertwine the card? They indicate how intensively things are related. And above all, these strings will be severed by the scythe, therefore new relationships and ties will rise again (the scythe itself also symbolizes the future crops and harvest). There are already spherical eggs in the distance and human beings hidden in them. These are the new people who come to influence and perhaps even largely change your life. Believe, certainly for the better!

The skeleton suggests that in matters of love it can go all “to the bone”, to the real basis of your emotions. The Royal Crown is an imitation of a gloriole. And above you can see the mythical Phoenix bird, the symbol of immortality. Just as it was able to rise from the ashes, whatever happens you know that you can always go on.

Who writes a letter for the second time writes it usually better. After the changes that are ahead in love, you certainly will be stronger, wiser and more balanced. You will get rid of the shackles that weigh you down and change the relationships to feel more harmoniously and happily.

Thoth tarot card Death The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Birthstones are arranged in a circular diagram that indicates how close and friendly relations can you expect between all zodiac signs in 2017. The closer two stones are together, the more likely is that relations between these two signs will be intense and passionate. Love or friendship of those signs that are further apart, will take more individual and independent form. In the centre of the diagram is a silver coin of freedom around which all the signs revolve like planets around the sun. Freedom is in fact the necessary “central” part of any loving relationship. Try to translate individual stones as your family, friends and loved ones. The constellation of the signs will tell you where love and friendship has close to each other.

The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign. The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Scorpio, according to the birthstones horoscope Libra, Aquarius and Capricorn are closest to you in 2017. Libra, sometimes uncertain and hesitant, can unexpectedly impress you to romping and play. With Aquarius will Scorpio probably jump first into the snow drift and right then under the warm duvet. Capricorn will expand your language horizons with mutual talk and correspondence and it will also be a suitable partner for a longer trip. Far from Scorpio is Virgo and Cancer. Virgo will cause you troubles with his or her fastidious fancy for documenting and recording the smallest details. Cancer will soon become distasteful when they will shine spick and span day after day.