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Thoth tarot card The Fool

2017 Love Horoscope

The love in the life of Libra will take the form of a blissful ecstasy, a straightforward experience or a brave deed. The Fool is all green – he is the god of spring, Dionysus. Therefore the 2017 horoscope reminds you that your love will be rejuvenating. It is similar to the principle that every green landscape in the spring is covered with flowers what is usually a presage of a rich harvest. This regenerating process may even take the form of a stormy “puberty”. Libra, if you noticed that on this card in place of the genitals appears the sun, you cannot longer doubt.

The Fool is unafraid. Although a tiger bites his thigh, he stares forward and not into the face of danger. Therefore you will pay fewer attention to emotional threats in 2017, what can bring a great relief. The long stem of vine twists around Fool's body, but it also leaves him enough space. It turns into a loop on his chest that resembles a heart. Thus, do not let you bind with the ropes of love, ensure the reasonable freedom in the relationship and enjoy its juicy and tempting fruits (grapes of wine). Not for nothing holds the Fool a blaze of fire in one hand and an empty cup in the other. Its content probably ended up right in his throat.

The shining dove as a Christian symbol of the Holy Spirit brings the truth and wisdom to Libra. They both should animate every relationship. However, due to its cooing, a dove is also a sign of a love play. At the feet of the Fool you will indeed find two naked figures, entwined lovers, who rested in a passionate kiss. The crocodile is the ancient Egyptian god called Sobek. It is the “donor of green vegetation”, entitled as well as the “lord of the Nile”, it shows the fertile power of the river which is manifested in the floods.

Libra, you can look forward to a year of spontaneous experiences and ideas, which will ideally turn into a mutual nirvana.

Thoth tarot card The Fool The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Birthstones are arranged in a circular diagram that indicates how close and friendly relations can you expect between all zodiac signs in 2017. The closer two stones are together, the more likely is that relations between these two signs will be intense and passionate. Love or friendship of those signs that are further apart, will take more individual and independent form. In the centre of the diagram is a silver coin of freedom around which all the signs revolve like planets around the sun. Freedom is in fact the necessary “central” part of any loving relationship. Try to translate individual stones as your family, friends and loved ones. The constellation of the signs will tell you where love and friendship has close to each other.

The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign. The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Libra, according to the birthstones horoscope Scorpio and Pisces are closest to you in 2017. However, be careful with Pisces, because their charm can easily enchant your mind and your feelings will then be stable only as a small boat on a stormy sea. Scorpios will have a very biting remarks. But thanks to them, Libra will successfully solve many problems (as well as a sharp scalpel can easily open the affected tissue). On the other side, opposite to Libra, are the zodiac signs Cancer, Gemini and Aries. Cancer will simply not smell well to you. The performance of Gemini you will find immodest and maybe obscene. And Aries? You would like to send them to a very very far trip, perhaps to the Moon.