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Thoth tarot card The Universe

2017 Love Horoscope

The completion (crowning) of love is the message that the horoscope for Capricorn highlights in 2017. The Universe is the symbol of the unity of opposites, the culmination or closing of a period of life – simply said it is “the finish in a race”. Whether you experience any good or bad time in love, you can expect that a harmonious feeling will come during the year (the impression that things “settle” and the right and desirable state is very close).

God's eye reminds Capricorn that you can “see the new light”. The outer space, which is visible on the card, emphasizes the denial of your egoistic tendencies. The love is not only about you, but about the whole world, about everyone around. It is maybe a little pathetic statement, but now you will actually understand better than ever the most important thing – that you are a part of a larger and meaningful whole (family, sports team, working group etc.).

When a thing is completed, it should be maintained. Even the newly built house needs repairs from time to time as well as a beautiful garden needs the regular care. Neither you can rest on laurels. The love horoscope appeals to your heart, to prove “to feel” really the entire universe and take care of it.

When you see a snake, remember the story of the Little Prince (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). The Snake had to bite him that his soul could return to his distant planet, because his body was too heavy for such a long journey. The deep space opens behind the female figure and she can certainly enter it. Thus, Capricorn, it will mainly depend on you whether you choose to step out on a new path in life (but remember that the Little Prince had to sacrifice his body) or persist for some time in the pleasant harmony that accompanies achieving of the present goal.

Thoth tarot card The Universe The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Birthstones are arranged in a circular diagram that indicates how close and friendly relations can you expect between all zodiac signs in 2017. The closer two stones are together, the more likely is that relations between these two signs will be intense and passionate. Love or friendship of those signs that are further apart, will take more individual and independent form. In the centre of the diagram is a silver coin of freedom around which all the signs revolve like planets around the sun. Freedom is in fact the necessary “central” part of any loving relationship. Try to translate individual stones as your family, friends and loved ones. The constellation of the signs will tell you where love and friendship has close to each other.

The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign. The horoscope chart of love and relationships for 2017, made up from common birthstones given to each zodiac sign.

Capricorn, according to the birthstones horoscope Sagittarius and Aquarius are closest to you in 2017. Sagittarius may sometimes seem self-seeking and corrupt to you, but this year you will simply catch his or her eye. Aquarius will be the perfect companion on a bench in the park where you can together watch the loving courtship of doves. On the opposite side of Capricorn is Virgo and Taurus. Virgo will get on your nerves by compulsive questioning (you want to find the peace but they probably just like to keep looking for it). Taurus will prove to be a very affectionate creature. But they should rather gather a teddy bear, Capricorn has sharp hooves and horns!