Prince of Disks

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Tarot card Prince of Disks

Free Love Horoscope

The tarot card Prince of Disks can certainly please Virgo in the field of love. A rider on a chariot drawn by a bull (notice also that his helmet is decorated with a winged bull's head) embodies the “earth” element, which is very close to Virgo's nature. Prince of Disks is a respectable man who understands his work (geometric orb in his left hand), and can crown the activity with a success (scepter). This man also likes a solid background (robust vehicle) and he handles managerially well his life (the reins to tame the robust bull).

Our free horoscope delivers a clear message to Virgo for 2016: in love and relations rely mainly on reason and pragmatic approach. Who waits for crazy adventures and romances, will probably be disappointed. Either they will not come, and if so, they probably will not bring happiness to Virgo.

If you are single, look for efficient and strong counterpart – a practical and hardworking man. Someone who is conscientious, patient and able to build a career step by step by his own merits. The horoscope predicts that the reward will be a stable and enduring love, tough bond full of confidence.

Tarot card Prince of Disks