The Emperor

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Tarot card The Emperor

Free Love Horoscope

The card shows the Emperor, a crowned male figure, the true leader, equipped with the insignia of the royal dignity. Taurus, the 2016 horoscope suggests two options: 1) A man with a charismatic abilities and decisive behavior will be the one who fills your deep feelings. 2) The real love and the feeling of inner satisfaction you get only so that you will support your self-discipline and organizational talent (your leadership skills). Very likely, however, the goal will be reached with both paths together hand in hand.

The entire card is fiery red and the Emperor holds a scepter with the head of a ram. And behind him two other mountain rams are poking out their heads. These symbols suggest that the partner of Taurus will probably be stubborn and energetic. During a trip to Mount Vesuvius, in a sauna or during a hot summer day your counterpart will certainly be in his element.

Bees on the Emperor's clothes remind us of diligence and hard work that your love will request in 2016. Therefore do not neglect the time spent together and enjoy what it will bring to Taurus. There is one more tame lamb at the feet of the Emperor. What this picture means? Is it you perhaps at the feet of your counterpart or vice versa (if you feel the role of the Emperor as your own)? Our free love horoscope for 2016 leaves the answer up to you!

Tarot card The Emperor