Wheel of Fortune

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Tarot card Wheel of Fortune

Free Love Horoscope

The tarot card Wheel of Fortune suggests in your love horoscope that Scorpios will have to prepare for a fateful twist. Your life goes in cycles (once you're down, once on top – as well as three characters that hold the wheel on the illustration). If you feel that you are doing well now, think about what all could go wrong. Conversely, if you feel that the fate is not merciful to you, enjoy an upturn in 2016.

Scorpio, the daily life brings many events that we can't affect anyway. For example, that you meet someone beautiful and seductive at lunch (and you begin feel a strong desire since that moment). Or that you catch the eye of new colleague at work. Or that the love starts to lose from your heart, like a candle fades. The Wheel of Fortune is a presage of such imbalances.

But our free horoscope recalls that Scorpio always has the free choice. Even when the love suddenly appears or disappears, you do not need to flip your life upside down. Take the destiny as it is. In 2016, be prepared for change, to which you can face with patience and sensible approach.

Tarot card Wheel of Fortune