The Magician

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Tarot card The Magician

Free Love Horoscope

The Magician in your love horoscope shows the attractiveness of Sagittarians, which they will reach in 2016. It comes a period when you will strongly fascinate others. The Magician is a master of magic and knows how to manipulate people. Likewise, you can achieve true miracles in love. In 2016, more than ever you will be able to influence your partner. But this is of course not a matter of coincidence. Try to be active, very alert and to obey an elaborated strategy in your actions.

A blind date? Or to madly fall in love with an athlete whom you asked for the right way in the countryside? This kind of relations is certainly not the perfect tactic for Sagittarius. The luck in love comes only when you think through your moves ahead. Romances, in which you plunges headlong, may not end well at all. Focus on the fact that your intellect and eloquence will be on the sunny side in 2016. Our free horoscope therefore advises to take the advantage of your attractiveness and talent. You do not need to be directly calculating. Sagittarius, act responsibly and deliberately, and you will find that a little magic can help to a great love.

Tarot card The Magician