Seven of Swords

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Tarot card Seven of Swords

Free Love Horoscope

The Seven of Swords tarot card calls for vigilance. According to the 2016 love horoscope Pisces will encounter insincerity and unfair behavior. Someone close will be so weak that he or she starts to retreat instead of facing the truth and dealing with important interpersonal challenges. Maybe someone from the family will not like whom you choose as the partner, but this relative is probably not able to tell you sincerely such essential fact. Maybe your partner will not like your work, school or some friends, but he or she can rather lie and intrigue instead of being honest.

Pisces, the one whom the Seven of Swords describes is a person without a clear plan which avoids direct and effective solutions. But usually, such wrong approach will turn against this individual.

Pisces, be also careful in 2016 on your own attitude. The unfavorable trend (described above) can be in some cases discovered at you. Avoid any hasty actions in love. Think of the consequences of your decisions. Pisces, our free horoscope urges you to considered more than ever what does it mean to give a word to someone or to withdraw from an obligation. But do not try to avoid problems. Solve them with calmness and in advance. Communicate.

Tarot card Seven of Swords