The Star

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Tarot card The Star

Free Love Horoscope

The Star is a happy sign in Libra's horoscope. This tarot card can positively influence the ongoing partnership or relationship that is still on the horizon. You can look forward to boost your current love and emotional experiences (especially in the spiritual realm, but even the physical pleasure will not be left behind).

Libra, your tears will dry quickly if you are unhappy in love. The Star represents a hope – the long desired improvement is in sight. And if you're currently without commitment or if you decide to abandon your love, bear in mind that in 2016 you'll find the desired counterpart that meets your expectations. Whether platonic or real, the love is yours!

Our free horoscope with the Star card also encourages the self-confidence of Libra. The promising future also depends on how much you will go to meet it. As the saying goes: Luck favors the prepared”. You have to trust in luck to allow it to come and join your life. The smile on your lips will delight you every time you look in the mirror, but also your partner who will give the positive energy back as well. Libra, in 2016 you can expect many intense experiences!

Tarot card The Star