Four of Swords

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Tarot card Four of Swords

Free Love Horoscope

The tarot card Four of Swords is a symbol of dormancy. Our free horoscope urges Leo to inactivity in 2016. Rather than hasty actions it will help to immerse into your own heart and meditate about your feelings and impressions. Try to sense and explore everything what touches the love.

Self restraint will suit you more than any hasty action. Respond slowly and cautiously to all love proposals – thus, you will increase your attractiveness for suitors and you will give also the scarcer impression. The horoscope leads Leo to the conclusion to take 2016 as an emotional holiday. If your partner insist too much, play possum.

Be vigilant to stimuli from the outside, but do not actively set out for new adventures. The love will come alone to you. Leo, enjoy stability and security. Relax. This period will definitely not last forever. Maybe it is only the calm before the storm.

Tarot card Four of Swords