Two of Disks

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Tarot card Two of Disks

Free Love Horoscope

The tarot card Two of Disks represents a change. Gemini, the free love horoscope for 2016 therefore indicates that you can look forward to lot of new experiences and ideas in the partnership. The snake that bites its own tail, is a sign that twists in love are endless. It depends on your character if permanently new impulses are charging you with fresh energy (you'll get the desired changes, stepping out of a boring stereotype etc.) or if they are exhausting you (you would prefer peace and quiet, and instead of it you can't sleep because of Cupid arrows).

The year 2016 will strengthen your ability to combine, coordinate and solve several things at once. Gemini, if you are more a philanderer or if you prefer relationships without commitment, you can now easily manage several of them simultaneously. Would you like flatter your counterpart? Now you will find the right words with ease! Easily you will also adapt to various demands of your partner. And the decision making in love will not cause you any trouble at all.

If you're happily engaged, prepare that your life will bring many surprises even despite this fact. Maybe you get a bouquet from an unknown admirer, maybe an invitation to a holiday, maybe you start to dream about a beautiful prince, maybe someone younger will write a poem for you. Anyhow, 2016 will definitely not be boring for Gemini. The horoscope advises, take love with lightness and humor.

Tarot card Two of Disks