Five of Disks

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Tarot card Five of Disks

Free Love Horoscope

According to our free horoscope the Five of Disks tarot card indicates trouble in love for Capricorn. Thus 2016 will be a difficult period for all people born under this sign. Get ready for the uncertainty and doubts that will accompany your emotional life. To be honest, some Capricorns can experience a crisis in their relationship during this year. You can, however, at least prepare for such scenario.

The love horoscope warns Capricorn that the most common problem will be the sluggish communication between partners. Your relationship will probably not resemble the unique, beautiful and perfect harmony of the old astronomical clock, but do not despair. Although not all “partner gearing” will have the ideal fit, you must maintain a positive mind and good mood.

Capricorn, if it starts to squeak in love, take proper means to feel comfortable again – you can try break thorough the lack of physical contact in a mutual massage, the lack of understanding can improve an intimate talk with close friends etc. During 2016, you can often experience dissatisfaction and loneliness as well. But anyway crisis is always a test and if you survive it, it will strengthen you.

Tarot card Five of Disks