Two of Wands

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Tarot card Two of Wands

Free Love Horoscope

The tarot card Two of Wands brings supremacy in love for the year 2016. Note the fiery red color emanating from the illustration. Cancer, you are full of enthusiasm and energy that finds its application in the field of emotions and relationships. Your heart will be like a blazing torch which is not easy to extinguish. Conversely, your exemplary spirit may spread among others.

Two of Wands, one over the other, suggest that someone will cross your romantic desire. A letter from an unknown admirer? Someone bold from colleagues at work will invite you to dinner? Will you look into the eyes of a charming sales assistant? Any such surprise will certainly delight Cancers and raise their self confidence! You realize that you're not made of stone, but real and hot blood travels in your veins. The love horoscope also insinuates that Cancer's will is strong. Thus, do not be afraid to show it, and thus pursue your own happiness.

Cancer, our free horoscope advises, when it comes to a hard decision in love, seek the inspiration and courage in your heart. Be brave and go ahead! Two of Wands encourage to act. If your partner starts to annoy you, take one of the wands and drag his (or her) back without mercy. Let him (or her) see that you are brave and determined.

Tarot card Two of Wands