Eight of Swords

element   |   fire
Tarot card Eight of Swords

Free Love Horoscope

The Eight of Swords indicates that anything or anyone crosses your plans in love and is thus interfering in your happiness. It may be parents, an admirer, the former partner or just your own thoughts. Aries, the 2016 horoscope says that it will be better to wait than rush into action.

In 2016 you will be afflicted by the lack of persistence. If you will be caught in a love triangle you can be easily towed by his other two peaks. However, finally the luck will be on your side. If you receive love letters from someone who you do not like leave him indulgently live in a hope and rejoice the fact that you are desirable.

This year you will experience certain lack of freedom or some apparent barrier. If your counterpart wants to chain you to a stove or to an ironing board, just show him that swords on this card can easily sever any ties. Aries, our free horoscope advises to trust to your own abilities – do not worry deliberately abandon everything that binds you. Walk carefully towards your luck. The key of Aries success will be the willpower and decisive but also prudent behavior.

Tarot card Eight of Swords