Three of Cups

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Tarot card Three of Cups

Free Love Horoscope

The tarot card Three of Cups is a very pleasant message of the Aquarius love horoscope. Three of Cups embodies the emotional richness. In 2016, you can expect abundance and prosperity in love. And this may be expressed in several ways.

Great happiness that you will experience, easily obtains the form of marriage, motherhood or some special joint partner work. Aquarius, you can easily demonstrate the positive feelings (with which your heart will be brimming) also on your friends – with pleasure you will organize a birthday party for a friend who is busy worrying about the work and family, or you will prepare an unusual surprise for neighbors in the form of a common garden barbecue. Your imagination should have no limits.

The free horoscope for Aquarius encourages the intimacy, tenderness and empathy, which you may start playing into a real concert of intoxicating passion. Express yourself in a relaxed and natural way in 2016. The joy and other refreshing feelings will make the life more pleasant not only to you but also to the loved ones.

Tarot card Three of Cups